Join the Study

Join the Study

The video below will tell you about the eMERGE study, including what it’s about and why you might want to participate.

eMERGE is short for the Electronic Medical Records and Genomics Network — a group of medical centers across the United States. Together, we are working to better understand people’s risk of common diseases, such as diabetes and obesity. And we hope to use this information to improve their healthcare. We are recruiting 25,000 people from the diversity of the United States. Anyone aged 3-75 years is welcome to join!

Taking part in the eMERGE study involves a number of steps.

  • First, we will ask you to agree to share your health information.
  • Then, we will ask you to give a blood or saliva sample, which will be used for genetic testing.
  • Later, we will ask you questions about your health and family health history.
  • Several months after joining, you will receive a risk report.
  • A member of the study team will talk to you if you are at higher risk for a disease we tested for.
  • We will only test for diseases where we can help reduce risk or start a treatment earlier.
  • Children and adults are tested for different diseases that affect different age groups.

If you or your child wants to join the eMERGE study, there are many things to think about, including how you would react to learning about your risk for getting a disease. The report might cause you to worry but can also point to positive steps to staying healthy or to helping your child stay healthy.

If you are at a higher risk for a condition, a member of the study team will contact you and talk
with you.

Before joining, you may want to talk to a doctor, family, friends, or others you trust.

You can always reach out to the eMERGE study team with questions or to talk about our study.

If you are interested in becoming a participant in the eMERGE study, please click here to contact your
local site.